Material Coverage and Weight

Gravel, Mulch, Soil, Sand:  All ground cover products are sold by quantity not weight, 1 cubic yard (one level scoop on loader) will cover an area of 160 sq feet (10′ X 16′) at 2″ deep. Topsoil, base rock, sand, and clay fill materials when compacted will lose approximately 17% volume. This should be considered when calculating amounts needed. These products can also be purchased by 1/2  yards & 5-gallon bucket (customer provides bucket).

Cobbles:  Sold by pallet, super sack and pound.  Pallets and Super Sacks are approximately 1.5 ton.  1″-2″ cobbles will cover approximately 160 sq feet at 2″ deep.  2″ – 4″ cobbles will cover approximately 60-80 sq foot per ton.  4″ – 8″ cobbles will cover approximately 40-60 sq foot per ton.  These products can also be purchased by 5-gallon bucket (Customer provides bucket)

Palletized Stone:  Can be purchased by pallet or by pound.  Pallets range between 1 and 2 ton.  Arkansas Fieldstone and Sandstone will cover approximately 80-100 square foot per pallet.

Rubber Mulch:  Sold by 2000 pound super sack (approximately 2.47 cyd), .8 cf bags and CYD.   Each CYD will cover approximately 160 square feet (10’x16′) at 2″ deep.

Dry stack: 1 Ton will cover approximately 1′ high 15-20 linear foot long.

Edging Stone:  4″ thick will cover approximately 100-120 linear foot per ton.  8″ thick will cover approximately 50-60 linear foot per ton.

Flagstone: 1″-1.5″ thick will cover approximately 100-130 sq foot per ton.  1.5″-2: thick will cover approximately 90-110 sq foot per ton.

Boulders:  Sold by pallet and pound.  We have boulders that range from 10 pounds up to 6,000 pounds.

Material coverage depends on application, compaction and size.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on calculating the amount of material needed for your next project.