Price:  Based on Mileage.  Call 417-862-6227 or                             Gate Spread:  Up to 4 CYD for an additional fee of  $40.00. 

             Email for a quote.                                                           Small piles can be left when the truck starts 

                                                                                                                                              or stops.  Power lines, trees or other obsticles 

More than 1 product can be delivered at a time                                                          will  hinder gate spreading.  Customer is 

depending on materials & quantities ordered.                                                            responsible for raking piles left by truck.


Palletized stone & boulders that cannot be dumped                       All deliveries must be paid for prior to scheduling.  

will be charged, in addition to the delivery fee, an       

equipment offset fee.   The offset fee is based on                          Any deliveries done past the curb or driveway requires a 

mileage.  Hand Unloading will be charged at  $10/Ton                   signed waiver.


Gate clearance no less than 10′ is required.  Trees, roof                Weather:  Rain, snow, or sleet within 48-72 hours of delivery 

overhang, power lines, sharp turns or slopes may restrict             will stop us from going into any yards or fields.  We will call

our  truck from dumping where requested.  If that happens          to discuss other options or reschedule.

materials will be dumped as close to the place requested

as possible.